Dairy Farms

Dairy pure origin cows issued from thr best progenies of milk production in the world as the competence and effectiveness. The breeders are invited to the farms to choose themseves the cows. Our long life relation with the companies of transport and our experience in the field guarentee the safest and most effective way to transport cows by air, sea or land. The effectiveness constitutes also the clue to deal with the registers of exportation: the insurance, the transport, and guarantee of its arrival safe as fast as possible. 

•Yaghi group has vast experience of supply dairy cattle with a dedicated, engineering oriented approach to all projects.

•All dairy heifers are delivered in compliance with international statutory standards, and incorporate all the latest techniques available in the market. 

  • Cows Care: 
  • •Ecographie
  • •Hoof Care
  • •Artificial Insemination
  • •Back Rubbing

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